Accused of a Crime?

imagesWhat happens after you’ve been accused of a crime?

You witnessed a crime, but decide to go home and relax.  As an innocent bystander, you’ve got nothing to fear.  When you answer the loud knock at the door, you see two of the largest policemen standing there.  They came to arrest you because you are being accused of a crime.

No one plans to be accused of a crime, but we all need to plan for the impossible. It could save you from time in jail, loss of money, and loss of income.  Preparing doesn’t take much effort.

Your Family

Talk to your family about being accused of a crime.  Get them involved in the planning.  Confirm that your family understands their rights and what to do in case it happens to a family member.

Your Rights

An accusation doesn’t mean loss of rights.  Know your basic rights:

The right to remain silent and have a lawyer.  First, “remaining silent” doesn’t mean being rude and non-responsive to the police.  Be prepared to respond to basic questions such as your name and your address.  Produce identification, but say no more, including discussing your innocence.

Please understand, the police don’t have to read your Miranda Rights until you have been taken to the police station.  Anything you say before that time may be used against you in court.

You have the right to be treated with compassion and dignity.  The police have the right to be respected, too.  Don’t resist in any physical manner nor give them any reason to treat you with anything but respect.

You have the right to privacy.  Don’t let the police into your home unless they have a search warrant, even if you know you’re innocent.  Asking for a search warrant gives you time to contact a lawyer to assist and support you through the process.

You have the right to due process. Part of your right to due process includes requiring a search warrant for your home and your premises. A lawyer protects your rights and guides you through every opportunity for due process from the time the police enter your life.

The Bottom Line

Protect yourself and make arrangements with Mark Barber, Attorney at Law.  He represents you and your family in case of any problems.  Mark provides peace of mind by ensuring your and your family’s safety.

Crime accusation can be one of the most devastating issues your family could ever face.  Be prepared with your “insurance”, Mark Barber.  He understands your rights, properly represents you, and offers great advice.

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