Child custody causes children to transform from important and precious objects of love into pawns.  Although the divorcing couple loves their children, they still use them against each other.

Many child custody battles become wars during divorce proceedings.  Parents air accusations and insinuations of wrongs committed in front of their precious children.  Within the family court system, people say what they want to say about their spouse in order to gain custody of the children.

Children and Stress

Children involved in a divorce and custody battle become unimportant, secondary thoughts. Occasionally, a parent abducts the children to keep from losing them.  Those are extreme cases, but it does happen.

Mark Barber, Attorney At Law, understands the stress, anguish, anger, and frustration caused when a divorce case must address children’s rights.  He has helped hundreds of couples decide the best course of action for the children.

What Issues Exist?

Some of the issues addressed in a custody settlement are:

  •  Which parent becomes custodial
  •  Visitation rights
  •  Child support payments
  •  The children’s wishes
  •  Relocation that causes separation of one parent from the children

Professional Help

Most families hope to minimize the adverse impact of divorce on children. Consider contacting a caring attorney who uses his experience to aid his clients and their children.  The Law office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law ensures to commit to helping the children in an embattled divorce.  Mark seeks the best chance at a normal family life with adequate support payments.

Child Custody Attorney

The Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney At Law knows you deserve the most knowledgeable legal representation.  Mark keeps abreast of all the issues relating to child custody, including the specific rules within the state of Texas. If you’re involved in a child custody issue, then you deserve the best legal representation.


Divorce upsets entire families, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Contact the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney At Law. No matter what the legal situation, you deserve an experienced child custody team who guides you through the challenge of a child custody case.

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