No matter where you live, you need a Will.  However, if you want someone else deciding how to divide your assets following your death, then don’t write one.  Probate court takes care of both situations.  Senior citizens should not be the only people with Wills.  Anyone with assets of any kind should have a Will in case their life ends unexpectedly.

Every day without a Will you and your loved ones remain unprotected.  Take the first step toward protecting your loved ones in the future by calling the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law.  Mark helps you write a clear and concise Will.

Tax Issues

In particular situations, the writing of a Will must include consideration of certain tax issues. Mark Barber, Attorney at Law structures your Will in such a way as to protect your assets from over-taxation.

The Court’s Responsibilities Through Probate

The courts in Texas probate the Will. Probate refers to the distribution of assets per a Will.  Probate court also decides on distribution of assets no Will exists. The process of probate requires a number of quite daunting steps, especially when heirs contest the Will.

What Steps Should You Take?

At some point in your life, you may require help writing a Will or guidance through the probate process.  If you need to contest a Will, then you want the best counsel possible.  In any of these instances, arm yourself with good legal advice.

The Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, offers assistance in writing or contesting a Will.  Mark strives for the best results you can get in Wichita Falls, Texas.  He works hard for the results you want. Let Mark help you set up a Will or guide you through the court process.

Call Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, at (940) 761 3009 . You’ll be glad you did.