Matters of child support are frequently the center of attention during a divorce.  Combined earnings no longer support the household. Both spouses must become accustomed to surviving on a lower income level.  In other words, the resources once supporting one household must now support two.  Both parents remain responsible for all expenses involved in child rearing when the union results in children. This includes provisions for food, clothing, schooling, and recreational activities.

At The Law Office of Mark Barber, a skilled legal professional provides legal service to individuals in all manner of Child Support cases. These services include enforcement and modification of the support established in the divorce decree. Regardless of the legal situation, you deserve an experienced legal expert who can guide you through these challenging times. During your free consultation, Mark works to understand your unique situation and builds a solid strategy for your Family Law case.

The Help You Need

You may need help receiving the child support allotted to you in your divorce. Your spouse may not allow your visitation, although you’re paying child support. Whatever the case, the Law Office of Mark Barber can aid you. He will make the necessary adjustments needed to make sure your children are cared for. Mark knows your children come first. He’ll do everything he can to resolve the situation in the best interests of the children.

Mark is a skilled, caring person.  He puts the needs of his clients above his own.  Because of that fact, you can rest assured he will give more than 100% to your case.  Mark’s skills and experience as a lawyer will achieve the best results possible in your child support case.

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