Misdemeanor crimes don’t sound like such a big deal. However, any time an arrest occurs, you should have some grave concerns. Any arrest affects the person arrested.  However, it also affects family, loved ones, or friends who stress about their loved one. If you or a loved one gets arrested for a misdemeanor crime, then call for excellent legal counsel, the Law Office of Mark Barber.

Misdemeanor Crime in Texas

No matter how you see it, a misdemeanor is still a crime. Convictions for misdemeanor crimes result in jail time and serious financial penalties. All arrests for misdemeanor crimes should be considered serious. Three classes of misdemeanors exist, divided into Class A, B, or C. Misdemeanor charges consist of:

Class A:

  • Carrying a gun without a permit
  • Exhibiting the activities of a Pimp
  • Carry penalties  up to one year in jail and $4,000 in fines

Class B:

  • Possession of up to two ounces of marijuana.
  • First offense,  jail time up to 180 days and fines up to $2,000
  • Continuing offenses add jail time and more fines

Class C:

  • Theft under $50
  • Any offense not included as a Class A or B misdemeanor.
  • Carries a fine up to $500, but don’t carry jail time


Any crime, including misdemeanor crimes, carry severe consequences. You need good legal advice. If apprehended, then be polite. Don’t talk about the incident, but tell the officer you want legal representation.

The Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, offers a free, first-time consultation.  Afterwards, Mark provides appropriate advice and informs you about the possible consequences of your charges.  You get straight forward advice.

Mark works hard to attain the best resolution for you.  He also relieves the stress this situation has created for your family.  He knows where they can get the help they need while you await your court date.

Don’t delay.  Call the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, at (940) 761 3009 .