Child Custody and Child Support

When a marriage ends in divorce, child support payments begin.  The formula used in Texas depends upon a number of factors.  The court system bases the total amount payable on a percentage of the net income of the responsible parent.  The percentage changes depending on the number of children and whether or not the parents

Snap Chat Causes Accidents

Is Snap Chat Causing Vehicle Accidents? People distracted by the use of cell phones while driving caused more than one million vehicle crashes last year.  Emotional and financial impacts occur when an accident seriously injures or kills others.  The result while texting or talking on a cell phone while driving increases exponentially.  Recently, Snap Chat

Driving While Texting

Texas Laws for Driving While Texting or Talking  Carefully observe the number of people putting their lives and the lives of others in their own hands.  They text or talk as they drive, nonchalantly holding their cell phone. No state-wide law in Texas makes the use of cell phones while driving illegal.  However, some situations

Prepare a Good Will

Without a Will in Texas, your family and all your possessions become unprotected.  Every asset you own should be designated. Texas Law Your Will, a legal document allocating your property to beneficiaries, contains much more than just property.  It allows the designation of a legal guardian for minor children and provides an executor.  The executor

Accused of a Crime?

What happens after you’ve been accused of a crime? You witnessed a crime, but decide to go home and relax.  As an innocent bystander, you’ve got nothing to fear.  When you answer the loud knock at the door, you see two of the largest policemen standing there.  They came to arrest you because you are

Can You Contest a Will in Texas?

What We May Not Like Not everyone likes the outcome of a Will reading.  Usually one or two heirs think cash or other benefits should be distributed.  When it doesn’t happen as expected, they decide to contest the Will, and someone needs a lawyer in Wichita Falls, Texas. What Could Have Happened? I thought my

5 Tips for Talking to Your Lawyer

You’ve been arrested and made one call to Mark Barber, Attorney at Law in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Mark has handled just about every type of criminal case imaginable.  To help you prepare for that frightful day, we’ve compiled five tips for talking to your lawyer that may help with your case. Tip No. 1 –

Can I Sue a Family Member

Can I Sue a Family Member in Texas? In the past, the United States court system would not allow a family members to sue a family member in civil court.  The reasoning was that a court case between family members could cause irreparable harm to the family unit.  There was no consideration about the impact

What if I Don’t Feel Safe in a Relationship?

What If I don’t Feel Safe in a Relationship? There are many situations where one may not feel safe in a relationship. It could be ongoing threats of violence, being the recipient of a physical attack, attacks on children, or verbal abuse. The response to the question of what one does if they don’t feel

What is a Class Action Lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit isn’t something that happens at school. It’s serious business. The defendants usually pay a group of individuals suffering harm as a result of the defendant’s action or product. The defendant is often a corporation. What About Class Action in Texas? Class action lawsuits fall under Texas Civil Rule Procedure 42. That