Snap Chat Causes Accidents

Is Snap Chat Causing Vehicle Accidents?

People distracted by the use of cell phones while driving caused more than one million vehicle crashes last year.  Emotional and financial impacts occur when an accident seriously injures or kills others.  The result while texting or talking on a cell phone while driving increases exponentially.  Recently, Snap Chat added more dire consequences to vehicular accidents.

Since most people own cell phones, the number of accidents caused by distraction has steadily increased.  The increase has grown fastest among young drivers. Social media drives their lives.  Consequently, a large number of accidents are caused by youth talking on a cell phone or using their social media apps while driving.

Snap Chat

Snap Chat, a newer App, allows users to share photos and video which can be overlaid with a “speed filter.”  This allows the user to show their speed or other activities in the car.  What a magnet for people to show their friends what’s happening while they’re driving.

Snap Chat includes a warning message about the dangers of using the app while driving.  However, this warning goes unheeded by the teen population.  One catastrophic crash occurred while a teen recorded a cruising speed of 107 miles per hour while using Snap Chat.  The resulting court actions are still in progress.

What to Do?

If you have a family member involved in an accident caused by Snap Chat or cell phone use, then you need legal representation.  In Wichita Falls, you need an Attorney who passionately and assertively provides the best legal representation.  Your family member and you need the very best.

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