Visitation Rights in Texas

Your family disintegrated in a “poof” of Texas dust.  Separation and divorce cause families hard, stressful times.  Visitation rights, as well as other issues, must be dealt with carefully. The relationship may have ended, but the responsibilities involving children remains.

Visitation for Children Under Eighteen Months

Recognizing faces comprises one of many developmental issues for infant.  They build a connection with their parents through sight.  This crucial development occurs in the first three years of a child’s life.

Between the ages of six and eighteen months, children sense a parent’s absence.  If visits are not frequent and regular, then separation anxiety develops.  This negatively affects the child later in life.

Visitation rights directly affect the child.  Therefore, the objective during the development of visitation rights must take into consideration the emotional well-being of the child.  In short, visitation should occur often enough for the child to develop a positive, emotional relationship with the child.

Visitation for Children Under Three Years

Children between eighteen months and three years begin to develop independence.  During that time, the child may question whether or not the non-custodial parent still loves him.  Visitation at this stage of child development should be frequent to benefit the child.

After Three Years of Age

Friends and extracurricular activities become more important.  Both parents involved in the child’s life impacts deeply on development during this stage of life. Allowing both parents at activities proves to the child that he is still loved by both parents.

How to Get Visitation Right

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