Child Custody and Child Support

When a marriage ends in divorce, child support payments begin.  The formula used in Texas depends upon a number of factors.  The court system bases the total amount payable on a percentage of the net income of the responsible parent.  The percentage changes depending on the number of children and whether or not the parents agree.

Calculating Child Support Payments

When computing the amount to be paid by the parent, the factors used include the following items:

  • Total wages or salary and other payments for services such as commissions, overtime pay, tips, and bonuses. It makes no difference whether the parent works for a company or for his or her self.
  • Dividends, interest, and royalties paid on stocks, bonds, and other financial papers.

In order to calculate the exact amount to be paid, the courts use a specified set of guidelines.  Some areas of the guidelines may be questioned and bartered.  Make sure your lawyer is experienced in this area.

Making Payments

One of the options provides cash payments to the custodial parent at a specified time during each month.  However, if you don’t wish to pay cash, your lawyer can offer a few of the available alternatives. Although not paid directly to the custodial parent, a part of child support monies includes such payments as medical insurance or college funds.  Each contribution must be decided during the divorce proceedings. A qualified divorce lawyer can guide you.

An Experienced Divorce Lawyer

If you and your mate have made the decision to divorce, then contact a reputable, experienced lawyer.  Choose Mark Barber of Wichita Falls, Texas.  Mark approaches your situation with the experience you need.  He introduces you to every possible scenario that may occur during a divorce and custody case.

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