Can I Sue a Family Member

imagesCan I Sue a Family Member in Texas?

In the past, the United States court system would not allow a family members to sue a family member in civil court.  The reasoning was that a court case between family members could cause irreparable harm to the family unit.  There was no consideration about the impact on the family members who were aggrieved and wanted the dispute settled.

This has changed in many jurisdictions, but not in Texas.  Texas holds to the traditional view.  There are exceptional circumstances making it possible to take a family member to civil court.

What are the Special Circumstances in Texas?

In Texas, the courts may approve a suit against a family member if the action against another family member was intentional.  Domestic violence such as assault, psychological abuse, and battery are examples of intentional actions.  These are complicated circumstances in Texas.  You would require forceful and knowledgeable legal advice.

Legal Advice

Victims of family violence usually lose their sense of control and self-worth.  They feel demeaned and many times don’t know which way to turn.  They’ll find relief when they take a breath and make a life-changing decision.  The victim can call Mark Barber, Attorney at Law in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Mark Barber is ready, willing, and able to provide the advice and support you require to protect your interests.  He’ll walk you through the court process and make sure you’re adequately represented in areas of:

  • Lost wages due to stress and emotional abuse.
  • Medical expenses if you’ve been physically abused.
  • Cost of therapy for yourself and your children.
  • Pain and suffering.

There’s too much stress in any lawsuit.  Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, will help you through it all.

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If you’re under the circumstance that would require a lawsuit against a family member, you need the best, most knowledgeable legal advice.  Mark Barber in Wichita Falls, Texas will lead you through the process.  The first consultation is free.

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