What if I Don’t Feel Safe in a Relationship?

What If I don’t Feel Safe in a Relationship?

MBThere are many situations where one may not feel safe in a relationship. It could be ongoing threats of violence, being the recipient of a physical attack, attacks on children, or verbal abuse. The response to the question of what one does if they don’t feel safe in a relationship is straightforward; get out and seek legal advice. Never stay in any relationship where you don’t feel safe. Pack a suitcase and get out before it’s too late.

Where to Go?

To do it right, you need a plan to find a safe environment, for example a shelter, a friend, or family. For help planning, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800 –799-7233. There are qualified people available 24/7 to help you develop a safety plan.

What is a Safety Plan?

A safety plan is your personal path outlining what you need to do to be safe. It includes all the issues that need addressed after you leave. The plan will deal with issues such as how to tell family and friends, how to deal with emotions, and how to take legal action. You will need legal action to protect for your rights.

Where to Turn for Legal Action?

In the Wichita Falls area there’s a lawyer who cares. Call the law office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, immediately. There are legal actions that shouldn’t wait if you’re to be assured of the protection of your legal rights. Mark has the experience and tenacity to ensure you’re treated right.

What are the Legal Issues?

First, and foremost, are possible legal actions that may be required to keep you and your children safe. Court orders can quickly be secured to demand that abusive family members stay away.

Second, are the legal issues to be addressed to safeguard you and any children in a separation and divorce. The laws in Texas are quite specific. There are details your lawyer knows to ensure your goals in a separation or divorce are achieved.

Call Mark Barber, Attorney at Law

If you don’t feel safe in a relationship, call the law office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law. Your first consultation is free. You’ll need Mark immediately for the best legal advice and for the best chance to remain safe. Call Mark Barber, Attorney at Law at (940) 761 3009 . Don’t you feel better already?