Preparing to Speak to a Lawyer

Lawyers can be your best friend when you’re in legal trouble. They can also be expensive. When you need a lawyer be prepared. There are two actions you can take which will help you. Tell the Truth Always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to your lawyer. You’ve chosen your

Texas Supreme Court Cases of Interest in 2015

The structure of the court system in Texas is covered by Article 5 of the Texas Constitution and is very complex. There are many overlapping jurisdictions, layers of courts, and differences between counties. Throw in differences of opinion, interpretation, and regional differences. The result leads many cases to the Texas Supreme Court. Annually, the Texas

Does an Email Have Legal Privilege in Texas?

The issue of what is and isn’t privileged between a lawyer and a client is covered by many opinions. In Texas, the issue of privilege is covered under the Texas Rules of Evidence. Law makers have made it quite clear about email privilege.  This document addresses examination of evidence for law officials and trials in

Texas Driving Laws, Don’t Break Them

Do You Drive? If you drive, you need to know the driving laws. You need to know every law that can affect you. For example, who has the right of way when a pedestrian wishes to cross the street? What happens if you’re charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI). What happens if you hit

Mark Barber protects your Assets

The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is supposed to protect your assets from unreasonable search and seizure. However, in Texas and more than 30 other States, you may have to hand over your license, registration, and possibly your car for simply being stopped on the highway. There’s nothing you have that’s safe from the long