Preparing to Speak to a Lawyer

Lawyers can be your best friend when you’re in legal trouble. They can also be expensive. When you need a lawyer be prepared. There are two actions you can take which will help you.

Tell the Truth

Always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to your lawyer. You’ve chosen your attorney. Now take a giant leap of faith and trust your lawyer. Concerning this issue Mark Barber, “It’s amazing how many times clients don’t tell their lawyer the truth. The truth eventually comes out. However, not telling your lawyer the truth from the beginning has a number of consequences.”

Mark Barber outlined some of those consequences:

  1. More fees. Your lawyer will have to re-establish a strategy based on a new set of facts. Any work done to that point has been a waste of time.
  1. The lawyer is unable to present the client with an appropriate set of options for the case.
  1. An incorrect decision that likely isn’t in favor of the client.

Prepare Your Documentation

Mark Barber said, “If a client comes into the office with paperwork in order, our job is so much easier and less expensive.” Consider what you would want If you were a lawyer. Would you want a pile of papers in a shoebox or a collection of papers neatly organized in a folder in chronological order.

“Neatly organized papers allows our team to review everything quickly and efficiently. We can easily provide the best legal assessment.” Mark concluded, “A client can help themselves. In the long run they help their pocketbook because their papers are organized.”

Who Is Mark Barber, Attorney at Law?

If you need a lawyer you can trust, hire Mark Barber, Attorney at Law. Mark Barber has worked for the District Attorney’s Office. For the past 17 years, Mark has defended corporate and client interests in private law.

Mark sums up his background and the reasons he’s now in private practice, “When I worked in the District Attorney’s Office, I learned the inside ropes of the legal and justice process. I built many positive relationships there. I use those relationships to help serve my clients today. I also worked many years serving corporate interests in the insurance industry. I gained experience for serving the “little guy”.

Mark is passionate about helping the “little guy”. That passion is evident in every case his office takes on. You’ll never question where you stand or how hard Mark will fight for you. He’ll always be brutally honest and frank.


Always be willing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to your lawyer. Take the time to organize your papers. Allow your lawyer to serve you more efficiently and correctly assist you in understanding your case. Every minute counts. Mark Barber will present passionate and knowledgeable legal advice to better serve you.

Call the best for legal advice today. Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, in Wichita Falls, Texas is the best. Contact him at (940) 761 3009 or through the website. Your first consultation is always free.