Parole and probation violations cause a person to lose their temporary freedom.   Specifically, parole temporarily releases one from jail prior to a court date.  It also releases one from prison before completion of a sentence while promising to satisfy conditions of probation. Probation outlines the conditions under which one must abide to stay out of prison.

If you have been charged with a crime or imprisoned as the result of a crime, then you should know the processes of parole and probation.  You need proper legal representation to ensure appropriate, reasonable probation conditions.  Achievable circumstances help you maintain your parole.


When you serve a prison sentence a recommended time, the system provides an opportunity to seek a parole hearing. At that hearing, a judge considers a number of factors before allowing parole.  He contemplates the likelihood that you might commit the offence again. Other factors he considers are the seriousness of your crime, your trustworthiness, and a number of other factors.

The judge bases his decision on both positive and negative factors.  He considers your character and your case.  For the best opportunity to secure parole and achieve the best conditions of probation, call the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law.


Probation gets you out of prison before you serve your full term. If you don’t have proper legal representation, then you could lose some rights and help you need.  In Texas, the outcome of a probation hearing depends upon a set of established criteria. The presentation of your case for probation determines your success or failure of early release from prison.


Both parole and probation present opportunities to get out of jail.  If you address specific issues, then you get out of jail.  The Law Office of Mark Barber understands those issues intimately.  Mark’s expertise and experience gives you the absolute best representation.  Besides the best advice, your first consultation is free.

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