Have your run afoul of the Department of Family Protective Services? They are charged with the responsibility of delivering Child Protective Services in Texas. Their services include removal of children from the home, foster care, and social services for families and children. Consequently, their association with children and families incurs other responsibilities.

Their never immediately remove children unless good cause exists that a child may be in imminent danger. If someone reports abuse or child neglect, then you could run afoul of the Department of Family Protective Services.

Your Rights

As the parent or guardian, you have rights. However, family court’s rules far exceed the limitations placed upon the criminal court for protection of the accused. Cases move very quickly although the complicated paperwork causes issues.  The most confusing part appears to be the system of addressing accusations.

If you need to protect your rights, then you need the best legal advice possible. The Law Office of Mark Barber in Wichita Falls, Texas provides the best advice for you.  Many families in dispute have been represented well by Mark Barber, Attorney at Law.   Remembering children remains the most important factor in any court battle. They require representation, too. Mark Barber happily provides an introductory, no cost consultation offering advice and preparations to represent you.

Child Protective Cases

The allegations you face may be circumstantial or untrue. If you never endangered your child, then you must prove your innocence. The possibility always exists that the problem stemmed from you.

Child Protective Services may remove your child. The Law Office of Mark Barber offers the best options and knowledge to help you in your situation. Decisions include a case plan allowing the child to stay with the family. In some instances, foster care or other types of care may be best for a period of time. Mark Barber enlists the best results for you.

Who Helps You?

The Law Office of Mark Barber works to protect your interests, your child’s interests, and get the best results for you.   When you face Texas Child Protective Services, you require immediate representation with your best interests in mind. The Law Office of Mark Barber represents family legal interests in the Wichita Falls, Texas area.  Mark looks forward to helping you if you run afoul of the Department of Family and Protective Services.

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