In a flash, your life or the life of a loved one can change forever. An injury at work or an accident due to the negligence of others can cause one of the most stressful times ever to you and your family.  Professional at the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law, understands personal injury claims. Mark handles claims covered by particular laws, such as, the railroads or oilfields, injuries resulting from a car or due to medical malpractice, or accidents occurring while living your life.

Some specialized areas in which Mark Barber confidently assists you follow:

Railroad Work

If an injury occurs while working for a railroad in Texas, then the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (the “FELA”) covers them.  The United States government passed FELA in 1907. It provides a measure of protection to thousands of railway workers. If there is an injury or death, then any claim for compensation still falls under FELA.

The injured or families who have lost loved ones have several options available to them.  The best possible resolution never compensates for the pain, suffering, grief, or loss of future opportunities and costs. Either way, a positive resolution rests at the hands of good legal help.  Choose an attorney who knows the system ant the options available to you.

The Oil Fields

The Texas oil fields provide some of the most dangerous work in the United States.  Many of those deaths and injuries, due to poor safety practices and the use of old equipment, could have been prevented.  Oil field accident victims should seek compensation. They usually incur medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly lost job opportunities in the future.

Never sign anything or agree to anything unless you have proper legal representation.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice challenges every aspect of the law.  If you have a medical, dental, or other type of medical claim, then file it quickly and efficiently. You need the best legal advice and experience when filing medical malpractice suits in Texas.

Other Claims

The following list includes only three of the many areas in which one might claim personal injury.

  • Defective Products: 
  • This includes such injuries or death as the result of faulty fire alarms, a defective automobile, or some other product.  Many companies manufacture defective products every year.
  • Pharmaceutical Liability:  Drugs and medical apparatuses frequently head the list of product liability suits.  Even if tested by Federal Drug Administration (FDA) standards, liability remains with the manufacturer.
  • Toxic Exposure: 
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals results in traumatic medical experiences. The most current examples still include lead paint on children’s toys and asbestos in buildings.  Exposure may not impact victims for years “toxic torts”, a legally actionable injury.

Personal Injuries Affect Everyone

The actions of some cause personal injury to others.  Whether the passenger in a car involved in an accident or improperly working equipment, accidents happen.  If a personal injury occurs to you or a loved one, then you may have a personal injury claim.


Protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve with the help you can trust. Call Mark Barber, Attorney at Law for the best representation.  The first free consultation acquaints Mark with your circumstances. Then you choose from the best options for proceeding.

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