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About Mark Barber

Mark Barber and Family (From Left: Gladden Barber, Mark Barber, Khloe Barber, Micah Barber, and Maylae Barber)

The Beginning

Mark Barber grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas. His mother and father instilled in him the responsibility and obligation to participate positively in the community. Mark’s attendance at the First Baptist Church strengthened his strong values and passion to help others. He participated in Scouting where he attained one of the highest honors, Eagle Scout. He continues his community participation today.


He attended Ryder High School where he studied hard and participated in golf. He had a normal up-bringing for a young boy growing up in Wichita Falls, Texas in the late 1970’s. Following high school, Mark attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas with intentions to become a Geological Engineer.

However, his post-secondary education soon turned to a different direction.  By chance, the practice of law exposed itself to him. He then set his sights on becoming the best lawyer he could be. He set a goal to return to Wichita Falls to fight to protect the rights of his clients for the results they desire.


Following law school, Mark began his law career in the Wichita Falls District Attorney’s office.  He cut his teeth on misdemeanor prosecutions.  After a year of learning the court and legal system from the inside, Mark moved to the Court of Appeals.  That step moved him into criminal cases in Tyler.

Later, Mark acted as a personal injury defense lawyer with Maritime law in Houston for eleven years. Afterward, he represented Hartford Insurance. That experience provided insight into both sides of the personal injury argument.  Consequently, Mark learned to deal expertly with these cases.

Finally, Mark returned to Wichita Falls and opened the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney At Law. After two years, Mark returned to the District Attorney’s office to gain more experience in criminal law. While there, he tried more than 60 criminal cases.  He became the lead lawyer in more criminal law cases in Wichita Falls than any other lawyer in the area.

Child Protection

Mark again left the DA’s office and re-opened his own office. He soon experienced the very emotional issues of Child Protection. Mark said, “My family is my life. The first time a family approached for help, I empathized.  With the fear, stress, and anxiety of having children removed from a family, I really wanted to help.”

Much More

Through his child protection cases, Mark drew into closer contact with families. That led to his first divorce case. Mark now represents a large number of clients in divorce proceedings. In addition, Mark represents people charged with criminal offenses and clients in personal injury cases.  He also branched out to help people who have been injured at work or as a result of another’s actions.

Mark comments, “I see people injured or killed and families devastated. They sometimes fight against bureaucracy in large companies. I want to help those people. ”

Mark Barber brought his education and legal skills home to help the citizens of the Wichita Falls area. As Mark claims, “Wichita Falls was always good to my family and me. I wouldn’t want to live and work anywhere else.”



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