Crime laws involving drugs in Texas can be summed up as state or federal offenses. Commonly, misdemeanors comprise minimum offenses. However, criminal offenses put one in jail for a maximum of 99 years with fines up to $100,000.  An arrest including drugs or more than one offense carries considerably more severe consequences.

The People Drug Arrests Affect

Drug arrests affect the person arrested and their family and friends.  The Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law saves judgment for the court system.  He understands the risks the family takes for their loved one.  If you need the best alternatives, then call the Law Office of Mark Barber.  He works to achieve the best results possible for you and your family.

Take Action

Prepare ahead by making a choice before your arrest.  Take the name and number of a good attorney and give it to a family member.  If you need legal representation, then you and your family stands ready.  Check out the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney at Law.

Arrested for Drugs or Narcotics

Always be polite and courteous to the arresting officer.  Although difficult, no one needs an assault charge piled on top of a drug arrest. Never answer questions other than the most basic; name, age. Give no information about the crime nor your innocence. Tell the arresting officer you want legal counsel. As soon as you’re allowed, call the Law Office of Mark Barber, Attorney At Law.

The Phone Call

Once you call him, the Law Office of Mark Barber presents the best legal defense. He works to get you out of jail.  Then Mark argues for the best of the many options available to you. So, if you find yourself charged with an offense involving drugs, then call Mark Barber.

You begin with a free, first consultation. Afterward, Mark Barber presents you with the best options available.  Mark also considers the effects of your arrest on your family.

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